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Journal of Environmental Treatment Techniques (JETT) is a quarterly, peer-reviewed and free of charge journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles in all areas of environmental treatment technologies. JETT is an Open Access Journal Database for High visibility and promotion of your articles. JETT is steered by a distinguished Editorial Board and is supported by an international Advisory Board and Reviewer Team consisting of prominent individuals representing many well-known universities, colleges, and corporations of Spain, Iran, South Korea, India, Romania, Poland, USA and other countries. To maintain a high-quality journal, manuscripts that appear in the JETT Articles section have been subjected to a rigorous review process. This includes blind reviews by three or more members of the international editorial review team, followed by a detailed review by the JETT editors. The Journal welcomes original research contributions (previously unpublished) from all established areas of civil and environmental engineering. JETT are actively provided a fast publication. This journal financed by Dorma Trading Est, publisher. Scope of this journal are:

· Soil treatment technologies

· Air treatment technologies

· Water treatment technologies

· Wastewater treatment technologies

· Solid waste treatment technologies

· Civil and Environmental Engineering

· Noise pollution

· Environmental Biotechnology

· Environmental Microbiology

Authors are informed within 2 weeks if the manuscripts cannot be published or out of  scope of this journal or low priority to publish. If you are interested in publishing your papers in our journal, we sincerely invite you to submit your papers through our online submission system.


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